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Meet the Doctor


Dr. Kenneth J. Leu

Dr. Leu specializes in the chiropractic adjustment and focuses on results. By taking pressure off of the spine and nerves, Dr. Leu helps the body function at its highest to help your body handle stress and inflammation more efficiently. He takes the holistic approach to find the root cause of your pain and loves working with all different types of people to provide them with a higher quality of life.

Dr. Leu grew up playing soccer, basketball, and snowboarding, which led to many injuries. He piled up knee, ankle, and low back pain all by the age of 15. Specialist doctors said there was nothing wrong and that nothing that could be done. A year later Dr. Leu ended up going to a chiropractor as a last resort, which gave him slight relief. He knew he was on the right path because nothing else had helped. Many years and many adjustments later, Dr. Leu knew what he was passionate about - helping others feel better, no matter how complicated or how long it takes. "We are all on our own healing journey. Some may take longer than others, but we can help." - Dr. Leu


In his free time, Dr. Leu enjoys playing pickleball, trying new restaurants, traveling, and listening to live music. 

Dr. Leu has been on three mission trips to Haiti to provide chiropractic care to the underprivileged community of Ouanaminthe. While there, Dr. Leu helped thousands of people ranging from 4 months old to 90 years old. "Providing chiropractic care to this community was pure love and intention every single time. They have absolutely nothing, but give everything." - Dr. Leu

  • Doctor Of Chiropractic - Parker University   

  • Oklahoma State University Alumni

  • Hand Alchemy Seminar Teacher

  • LGBT Chamber of Commerce

  • East Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Why Head & Heart Chiropractic?

Head & Heart Chiropractic is about the quality treatment and experience that you deserve when it comes to your health. We focus on your health first and your experience second. Our patients feel at home, welcomed and comfortable walking through our doors because they know that we will take care of them every single time. We aim to provide high-quality care and genuine positivity to ALL patients. Thank you for trusting us with you and your loved ones health. 


"The name 'Head & Heart Chiropractic' stems from my technique/personality of intention and knowledge (Head), and my genuine love and service (Heart). Chiropractic means 'done by hand.' At our office, we specialize in the adjustment and our results show." - Dr. Leu



Our vision is that everyone feels welcomed and gets the care they need to fully enjoy their lives to the highest potential.


Our goal is to reconnect the brain and the body by addressing the root cause of your pain to allow your body to start the healing process.


Our patients are our #1 priority. We focus on being patient centered to deliver high-quality care for all to improve your quality of life.


 To improve the lives of everyone and anyone who walks through our doors by delivering safe and effective adjustments for the whole family.

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