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Kam M.

“I have 6 cervical vertebrae fused together and on a titanium trapeze and I broke 2 other vertebrae in my back. With all of that, Dr. Leu keeps me pain free and moving. Every adjustment I get from him I walk away not realizing that I was hurting until I get relieved from it. If you're thinking chiropractic can't help your situation or it's too risky, you need to let Dr. Leu show's amazing!"

Jeff H.

"Dr. Leu is an excellent chiropractor and an even better person. He solved my neck tingling which allowed me to get much better sleep and feel better throughout the day. It's clear his purpose is helping others feel better, which he does each and every day. Not only on the table, but also the way he gives back and supports others in the community. You'll be happy to have connected with Dr. Leu.”

Andy C.

"Never had been a fan of chiropractors. Dr. Leu changed my opinion - for the better.


A sports injury in my upper back/shoulder followed by lower back issues had me frustrated, and within a few sessions of seeing Dr. Leu, I began to feel noticeably better. Given the severity of some of my pain and issues, I did see a traditional medical back doctor for a second opinion who not only validated the initial diagnosis given by Dr. Leu, but also encouraged me to continue chiropractic treatment.


I'm feeling much better, having resumed much of my previous activities but not all. My treatment plans decreased in frequency but I plan to continue proactive semi-regular visits to maintain the current back health I've established. 

I highly recommend Dr. Leu for his personable, no-nonsense demeanor, and excellent treatment."

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